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So Individual Part 1

April 14, 2010

While I’ll re-uploading the second part of the compilation at this moment, Why not show some links to individual tracks along the way…

The first individual track released beyond Frenchtastic is ComaR’s “Hey, I Can Live My Life With You” which contains the urban vocals of Dilated People’s This Way (with Kanye West) and the dancey instrumentals of Pony Pony Run Run’s Hey You, you can download this previously-released-on-frenchtastic track on

The second and third individual tracks is from Mighty Mike and the first track by him is “Life In Teen Spirit” which has Nirvana singing over Coldplay’s Brian Eno-produced track and another track has Britney Spears sexing up Kanye West’s Love Lockdown (that makes me wish Kanye West goes on stage and says something about Britney Spears instead of Beyonce). Anyway, You can get them both at

And last and not least, The final individual track (for now) is Totom’s “Another One Bites The Pro” (or the retitle of “E-Pro Bites The Dust” while the b-side has the original title). I know that my compilation has an mistitle problem following Totom release his two tracks but hey, some bootleg compilations have similar mistitles (eg. David Bowie and The Beatles) so get them both at

So there goes the first part of “So Individual” series. I’ll be posting more links to individual tracks including an special episode of The Khaos Network which contains my favorite Frenchtastic tracks amongst other mashes.


Frenchtastic Compilation (NEW LINKS)

April 10, 2010

Here It Is: Frenchtastic – The Compilation Itself. After months of contributions and son on, this 2-disc tribute to various mash-up bootleggers of the wonderful land of France is released. In case you just checked this page, the first disc is full of various classic tracks released last decade and the second disc contains now-released new additions from the bootleggers themselves (with two previously-heard tracks) so download the album and enjoy the journey:

Disc 1 (The Classics) link –

Disc 2 (The Newbies) link –

[UPDATE: ComaR, one of the bootleggers on this project informed me that track 9 – Crazy In The Name Of Love – is missing. While I’ll be re-up the second disc. You can download DJ Zebra’s version at]

Note that these tracks are only downloaded in .rar format and if you want just one single track, check out the links to these following bootleggers below:


DJ Zebra




Mighty Mike


As for the other links