So Individual Part 2

Hey, Back for a second chapter of those Individual Releases and I’m still trying to re-up those two volumes but my laptop somehow behaves like a schizophrenic machine (Yeah, I’m trying to re-up those while releasing “The Time Collector” EP) so either be patient about that and download those new individual-only tracks below in the meantime…

The first is Totom’s two newbies. One is known as “Clash Inside!” and he experimented with The Clash’s classic tune that’s merged with ST4GRL33’s “Wolf Inside” and a updated version of “Underground Resistance Hobo DJ” with clearer vocals by Charlie Winston so there’s a minor difference between what I have and what’s on Totom’s site which is at

Sadly enough, that’s all I could write for now but there’s few more coming our way so it’s pretty much a slow week so stay tuned.


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